Monday, October 26, 2009

STUBBY - The Artist To Know

This young man has worked with some of the best in the business, and has only tapped into his greatness. This young man is on the verge of dropping a hit single this coming year, so look out for that. He has a sound that is original and easy to love. With hit videos and songs like "Smash" and "I'm Shinning". His sound is catchy and makes you want more, and the videos are just as different as his style. Don't under estimate him at any cost, this young man is coming hard, and his sound just might be game changing. He's got flow and a range that will keep you entertained for hours. You may not be a fan yet but you have to admit you'll be intrigued long enough to hate!

Stubby music is a vocal blend of harsh realities that the middle class entrepreneurs’ face on their journey to success. His savvy word play allows him to deliver a message to the masses. His music is based on his real life experiences and those who continually impact his life. Either he is "shining" in the club or "confessing" to GOD, he has the ability to set the bar high for positive change and happiness in the world. Stubby is a true entrepreneur and is a franchise artist. His lyrics are relevant and his charisma is defining. Stubby is a living legend and will become one of the most well known stars. He often quotes his famous words about his music "You can't judge music when it’s from the heart". Every word Stubby professes is from the heart. If that be the club banger or the soulful songs, Stubby is a STAR.


"I'm Shining" - (Director Taj Stansberry)

"Smash" - (Director Taj Stansberry)

Performances/ Collaborations
Snoop Dog
Teddy Riley

Pleasure P

The Franchise Boys

Lil’ Zane

Sean Kingston


Ray J

Day 26

Mac 10

Mac Dre

Scar Face

Too Short

Devin the Dude

Upcoming Shows

May 3rd: Day 26 – Club Fluid


May 6th: LAROO – Club Room

May TBD: Billboard Party - Club Boss

June 26th: “SMASH” Video Release Party

July 4th: Independence Day Party - Club Boss

July 18th: Kat Williams Celebrity B-ball game

Upcoming Movie

"BABYGIRL" (2009 Release)

Co-Featuring: "King Kader" Comedian

"Crazy" from Flavor of Love

"TK" from the New Star Track movie

Radio Stations

WRVS Elizabeth City NC

WVOE Chadburn NC

WJGA Jackson GA

WVKX Irwinton GA

WHGH Thomasville GA

WLYX Valdosta GA

WEBZ Panama City FL

WKXN Montgomery AL

WKXK Pine Hill AL

WJJN Dothan AL

WGNG Greenwood MS

WMPR Jackson MS

WJZD Gulfport MS

WZNJ Demopolis AL


WJUC Toledo OH

WHPR Detroit MI

Not to mention the 550 plays he get's for online Radio stations


Like I say for everyone I write for "Those that love keep it coming, but for those that hate do it in silence,but watch them succeed."

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