Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ray J is Back

For the love of Ray J 2 is coming November 10th so keep your eye's out for that. New women, same agenda finding a woman to settle down with! We all know Ray j as Brandy's little brother, we even watched him and his sister grow up before our very own eyes. Ray j dominated our television screens, and then took over our movies, however it was his voice that kept so many locked in. Ray j went from and adorable charming young man to a grown and handsome man before our eyes.  His albums and videos are just as vibrant as he is and the attention to detail is just what he is known for! Ray j first caught the public eye with his appearance on the show "The Sindbad show" many may not remember that but it was the show that gave him his start. In addition to that many may have the classic memories of him and his sister on the hit show "Moesha". This show was just the tip of the iceberg for young Ray j because shortly after that he was on the show "One on One" which showed a much older Ray j. This show was the older version of the when they all grew up from when the show first started with Kayla Pratt a young girl now living with her father in Baltimore. Ray j appeared on the second coming of the show when Kayla Pratt's character moves to California to further  her dream in acting.
Ray j was also working on films in between and during most projects, furthermore music was never too far behind. In the movie called 'Mars Attacks' back in '96 this movie made us all laugh at the idea of aliens from mars or any other planet for that matter! Then he took on a different role in the movie 'Steel' and then followed that with 'Christmas at water edge' in '03.
In '97 his first album gave birth to this multi talented star titled 'Everything you want' this album was the start to his R&B career. It sold over 50,000 copies with hit's like 'Let it go' and 'Everything you want' song after the album title only peaked the curiosity of many. In 2001 he gave us 'This Ain't A Game' and followed that in 2005 with 'Raydiation' and than 2008 brought 'All I Feel'. With singles that made the charts go crazy, and set the radio stations in panic mode to keep up with the request and demands for play!

Like I say about everyone I write for or about "For those that love keep it coming, but for those that hate do it in silence, but watch them succeed!"

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