Thursday, November 5, 2009


Name: Prina Jackson

Birth Date: March 29

Birth Place: Durham, North Carolina

Born in Durham, North Carolina, raise in Killeen,Texas Prina Jackson is the youngest daughter of a preacher father and a stay at home mother. Ambitions to say the least her determination to become a professional singer was shaped by her experience of singing in church and although not supported by her family, she went on to develop her musical skills and surpassed even her expectations. By the time she had made it to High School, Prina has already opening for a number of multi-platinum recording artists such as: High Five, etc.Prina has also shared the stage with Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon, Chingy; just to name a few. As an accomplished singer/songwriter and producer, she then went on to work on her own debut album.

Prina spent some time living in Germany where she continued to sing and recorded her own music video and within two years Prina had moved back to the States to help form the R&B group 'RAIIN'.

Prina's career in the music business seemed set. She continued to share the stage with major recording artists, performed before Big Boi of OUTKAST, and appeared on national television, set up her own studio and continued to manage RAIIN. "I decided to manage RAIIN, because I wasn't willing to allow someone else to make decisions on my behalf without consulting me. I have to be OK with whatever I do." noted Prina. RAIIN had the meaning of " Without RAIIN there will be no growth, and without growth there is no RAIIN."

11+ years into her career, she was approached by up and coming R&B artist; Jaunte-Jacobs. A role as the manager of such a prestigious performer and artist was not something that Prina was going to pass up and she jumped at the opportunity. Having watched him blossom from RCA recordings in his early career through to owning his own record label (The Urban World Music Group)and now signed to Universal Music Group. She felt that this was a dream chance to not only learn and develop herself as a person, but also to further the career of someone that she loved and worked so hard on.

Prina became a volunteer Marketing Consultant and volunteer Media Director for Humanity Healing while marketing and promoting Jaunte-Jacobs. Now Prina is CEO/FOUNDER of ZyeCha Inc., Director of Operations & PR for EXCLUSIVE FASHION & Furs.,as well as marketing and promotions for Yum Yum Entertainment. She is also in a shared partnership with her manger of NISHA MANAGEMENT. Network admin for Nisha Management,Dj Rio Blackwood and run her 196 sites herself.

Prina just conducted her first interview in over 5 years by appearing on Hustle & Grind Radio. Prina have an upcoming 2 page spread in the first female tribute to female barbers in "Aganist The Grain Magazine" out in November.Prina will be featured in the first print of HHH Magazine in March 2010.
She also is the Editor n chief of Urban Steez Magazine.

Furthermore note her humanitarian work will be featured in Ghana's African Art's and Entertainment Newspaper called "The Spector". It will be available at all Ghana's Embassies world wide. BBON & ZyeCha Inc. teams up every year to help the homeless. "The Gift Of Hope Tour" has become an annual event. In 2008 "The God Father Of Go-Go" Chuck Brown was the guest featured. Prina also markets and support Ryan Hicks "Ballin For Peace Tour" this organization geared for inner city youths. Prina will be starting her own non profit organization of her own soon as well.

Its obvious Prina has a mission and she is well on her way. You never know what she is going to do next. Stay tuned. Are you not entertained? You don't know this business like she knows this business. You'll never know a women like her with the swag of a queen, but heart of a servant she is a true gem to anything she touches.

"No matter how hard my life, I always try and help anyone that feels that they can use my abilities and skills in one way or another. These things I live for." It was this dedication to helping others and not just within the confines of the music industry that eventually lead Prina to become a member of the IWW Starbucks Union and to join in the fight to help low paid barista's in their struggle to gain equal pay and fair treatment within the company. Humanity Healing was her next stop. "To me Humanity Healing is about love and peace. Love one another no matter what someone might do. Learn to be peaceful despite what we are all face with each day. By doing this we can begin to heal humanity."

Prina has, in a very short period of time become an invaluable asset to any team she joins, where she works tirelessly. " The only way to leave this life with is your footprints embedded in the earth. While others compete to do the same!"

 Like I say about and for everyone I write for "Those that love keep it coming, but for those that hate do it in silence, but watch them succeed!"

Also you can find her here:
blogger for EG radio (hip hop latino radio station)

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Aww thanks ma. It is beautiful and you did a great job. Aww now you about to make me cry. Hugs.

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you r the best period there is no other publicist moving quite like r 4real furreal love always the furking aka the boss man