Thursday, November 5, 2009


27th world series title won by the Yankee's, it was in the 6th game when their victory made history over the Phillies. This game had baseball fans everywhere on the edge of their seats, The sounds of the heartbeats rung louder then any cheer at the game. We all sat with the anticipation of who was going win this World Series the thought of the underdogs winning was appealing but could they! The world watched and attended the games dazed, speechless, even praying  that just maybe they would be at the game where history was made! Many made sure to keep their routines not wanting to risk jinking their favorite players, and many others for the first time fell in love with the game. CONGRATS Yankee's New York stood proud once again last night and many tears, and smiles filled the stadium last night. The air was crisp with victory and speechless lovers of baseball, this game  7-3 and the Yankee's did what many hoped they wouldn't! However CONGRATS


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