Friday, October 22, 2010

Kellie Wells is known for her ability to run and jump hurdles, but it's the behind the scene achievements the world has been hidden from!  This remarkable young woman has taken adversity as a challenge not crutch to greatness! Kellie Wells comes from a  rooted past in abuse both of verbal and physical, she has taken that experience and is now challenging herself by telling her story and offering a hand that many would simple pass over! This United States track star is too humble for words, Kellie Wells is sharing her story of adversity to triumph in hopes that some where someone is hearing her story and says 
"I can over come my situation too, and speak out without fear!"  
  She is now preparing herself for another great achievement as she's headed off to Korea, and this time were looking for GOLD not any silver medals! However she is also giving back to the fans and her 1000th follower on twitter is going to receive a prize pack of  NIKE Sunglasses & Watch set as well as an autographed item. And all you have to do is follower her on twitter @KELLIEWELLZ  this is her way of giving back to her fans and shedding light back on the sport of track and field!  You can also keep up with all the latest updates on her website :  this young lady is truly and inspiration! Below is my one on one interview with this remarkable young woman who deserves to be recognized for all her greatness!


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Cathy of Eyelash Conditioner said...

I really admire girls with such dedication in their sport.