Thursday, February 10, 2011

iWave Launches New Line of Electronic Accessories with Exclusive “Artists Collection”

New York, NY - iWave, the innovative leader in designer accessories for your electronics, will launch a new collection for Spring 2011, The Artist Series. The collection will feature staple iWave products such as ear buds, headphones, speakers, iPod/iPod Touch and iPhone 4 cases, featuring everything from graphic designs and renowned impressionist paintings to original photography. iWave has tapped into the needs of the fashion and art conscious consumer providing a new form of self expression via their electronics. With price points ranging from $9.99-$39.99, cover-table works of art have never been so affordable.

About iWave: iWave is ahead of the fashion curve, providing its customers with the latest case, accessory or any of the other products it offers, at a price customers can afford, without compromising quality or attention to detail. iWave continues to offer superior products and sets its own trends time and time again. The company is working to reduce our carbon footprint by using fully recycled paper for packaging and natural dyes and pigments for package graphics. For more information, go to

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